I surrender.

In the city of time

The distances drain in gray seconds.

Trapped between two worlds

My words hidden in the clouds

Arise from silence…

Embracing the breeze of nude oblivion

I manage to decode the elliptic blue.

The one taking over my soul,

The one muting my being,

Whose pain

Finds meaning in my dream

And finds redemption in your arms.

I surrender to you and time…

How long before your embrace

Will heal the cracks of my broken soul?

Sleep your Emptiness away…

I feel like 

Writing down some bizarre 

Trivial simple lines…

What are they really?


I can’t cry.
I wish salty wet tears,

Full of thoughts,

Would drain down my face

And liberate me.

But they don’t…
I am sleepy.
It’s really too early…
Usually at this time

I am in a dream,

In Paradise

Or in his arms,

Swamped in warm kisses.
I am smiling.
Randomly and often,

An optimistic depression.

Because of him

It is an unconscious blessing. 

I know…trivial

But ultimately mine and beautiful.
I am thinking.

A word has slipped

In the phrases that I write …

I feel

As my eyelids would want to close

From so much weight…

In a deep and dreamy


But the dream is empty.

It is deserted and bizarre.

Stolen by this reality nightmare.
I’m waking up.
I look around scared.

It was just a dream,

Such a waste…

It seems to be such a nightmare waking up.

The emptiness is still here

And the darkness is 

Still pressing my eyelids.

I close them and I see

A face,

That look… The one 

That keeps on saving me.

He smiles at me.
I understand.

It’s fully night outside.

Complete darkness.

I feel it taking over me,

So I’ll just sleep.

Let him shed light in a dream

And save me again…