About rain & love…

I love the rain. 

I love the smell of grass washed by rain and the sunny mornings when 
only the wet road remembers what happened 
the night before, 
when you don’t have to remember the past 
because the present is here.
I love the scent of the rain, 
and also his scent. 
I love the rain, 
I love summer, 
I love him,
how he drops his fingers on my skin. 
I love the long summer nights 
with open windows 
and endless rain. 
And the times 
when he looks at me, 
he smiles and he asks: 
“What are you thinking about?” 
“Nothing” I always say… 
To look at someone
and to be able only to breathe… 
That is perfect! 
I have three favorite seasons: 


and Love.

One day…

One day, I don’t know when,

you’ll wake up with a familiar taste on your lips,

but you will not remember whose is it

and you’ll breathe my scent

without knowing that it’s mine.

Your sleepy hand will meet among linens,

foreign forms,

that fingers do not know,

that do not match,

that do not blend with your skin,

with your breath,

as your bed

bares the shape of my body,

so naturally, just like your white shirt,

was made for me.

And a pair of lips will kiss you

but not slightly biting your lip,

for they do not know how you like it.

Your beard will have been longed shaved,

and all that will connect us will be:


from the other side of the world.

Only your shirt

will remember

you loved deeply,

but you will not know whom.