Love Apology.

The whole Universe vibrates around me

In some sort of Chaos.

I can’t explain its origin,

Or maybe I can.

But that’s not important.

Because beyond it,

I was myself a difficult moment,

Over your shoulders…

I’m sorry…

The Chaos took over wholly,

And I lost myself in fears.

With closed eyes,

I finally fall sleep

Flowing clearly,

Over our timeless memories.

Sudden fears bother

My dreams from time to time.

With eyes full of tears,

And my lips dotted with words,

I call you…

To me, one warm look,

One smile or a gentle touch

Of yours is home.

And the Universe can vibrate

Beyond tumult and Chaos,

As I have everything

I wished for,

And nothing to fear anymore.

Between silence and hum,

I have chosen

Another Universe,

Which begins and ends with YOU.


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