Save September for a trip to Capri… and stay there!

If you are an incurable romantic, fool for beautiful sceneries, good food & wine, amazing people and in-need for sea, to die for sunsets and relaxation, you must find time for Capri!

I have been travelling quite a lot and I have seen amazing places, however, this island managed to win my heart from the start. It has this amazing vibe, good energy and simply awe-moments views. If you are with your loved one, you may fall in love over and over again at every corner. Oh well, I may be slightly subjective, as I also took part in a wedding at sunset over there, and I am dating a romantic soul myself, but still, it is a Lovers’ Paradise.

If you fully want to enjoy the beauty of this island, do the following two things any Italian resident person would recommend you:

  1. Do not go to Capri in mid summer. Try to do it in May or best, the second part of September. The weather is mild and amazing, and you avoid the touristic uber-crowded period…believe me! You want to enjoy your ice-cream strolling on the street, holding hands without bumping into herds of people 😀
  2. Stay on the island, as in sleep there! You make no justice to the island if you just drop by for a short visit…you do not get to feel it, enjoy it at its true worth… just saying :). I personally recommend the following options for staying: Tiberio Palace – if you want the full 5star experience; Hotel Luna – if you want an amazing view experience, Hotel Weber Ambassador – if you want a 4star with beach access, and waking up with the most amazing sunrise; or gather a gang of friends and take an Airbnb house with a terrace :).

I am a hopeless romantic, so for me this island was just a reason to feel butterflies at every corner. You don’t need a car there – the taxis or scooters are the way to go. And walk, as much as you can in Capri, Anacapri, every where!

Coming from a bohemian souls as myself, here are a few must-do things or must-go places (the rest you find on tripadvisor):

  1. Capri Rooftop – amazing cocktails and a to die for view over the Faraglioni :D. We got here by chance at our first bottle of Prosecco…we ended up drinking 3 of them, and ending the night on a high loving note!
  2. La Fontelina &  Faraglioni – La Fontelina is one of the best fish restaurants in the world at the bottom of Faraglioni. Take the boat from Marina Piccola, kiss at the Faraglioni (yes, that eternal love kinda blabla thing, even if you don’t believe it, fairytales are nice to live, and all girls dig it, let’s be honest!), and then drop by at the La Fontelina. Reserve a table first and choose whatever makes your heart tick as everything is delicious!
  3. The Blue grotto – I haven’t personally been, but a few friends have and I was so damn jealous of their videos, so don’t miss it! You get to go inside this grotto, swim and the scenery is just amazing – Google it if you don’t believe me! You’ll make your heart cry :)))
  4. Buonacore Gelateria – yup! Amazing artisanal ice-cream! They bake the cones there too, and if you want a proper Italian snack or breakfast and real, no-overpriced coffee – this is the place! You easily recognize it, as people cue over there during the day, so either go before 11am or after 5pm :). Get a Cannolli also – they have different types…yeah…I start drooling just thinking about them….and when I think I went there with a doctor’s recommendation not to touch carbs or sugar….but I could not refuse those! I like to believe Italian sweets are actually good for anyone’s health :)))
  5. Villa Margherita – for a nice romantic dinner and amazing food – the set-up in a villa with a garden overlooking the sea is amazing! The owner is so kind and the food simply perfect! I think I ate the best grilled octopus ever over there!
  6. Anacapri – get up the mountain in Monte Solaro and have a drink up there with the best view – besides the fact that going up is fun, you can also enjoy a great Aperol up there. Breath in and let the beauty take over!
  7. Villa San Michele –  I had no time to go there, but it is a must see I have heard for a brunch, just a perfect reason besides the rest to go back to Capri for me.
  8. Catch a sunset at the Faro – totally worth it…there is also a cosy bar with nice music there so you can stop for drinks and enjoy the wonders of nature 🙂

There are other cool places and amazing restaurants to visit. Google a bit so that you do not go to the tourist traps. As in any place, there are some of those too :).

If you have a late plane arrival or you need to stay one night in Napoli before getting to Capri, do it….for the food!!! Really! You can eat the best pizza ever (I mean they are the creators of it) at Gino Sorbillo – famous place in the world and then enter a traditional trattoria Napoletana and you will not regret. As for the best gelato I ever ate, try Casa Infante! I mean, I had a sweet heart attack! It’s like Disneyland…for unicorns! 🙂

So here it is, my little guide to Capri. I hope it helps…at least to those that asked! And, yes, I insist you do plan a trip there! For me, it is on my top 10 favorite places I have been to!

Airport: Napoli

Way to get to Capri from Napoli: Ferry from Napoli’s ports: Check

Getting around Capri: taxi or rent a scooter if you can ride it. It’s fun too!

For anything else: Google 🙂

P.S. If you are looking for the perfect wedding location, this may be one of them! 🙂