Never tell me

I cannot do it.

Not to me, that I have danced

with two hearts.

And I breathed

with four lungs.

Not to me, that I’ve been ice,

fire and wind.

I’ve taken in my belly

the weight of two worlds,

and I have given birth to

A miracle screaming.

That I have embraced

True and utmost sadness without fear.

And then I have cried smiles.

Do not tell me

that I am not capable

of something.

Or everything.

For the Love of Sun…

Sometimes I feel so close to the Sun…

It must be because my love for you is so incandescent.

My soul is longing for an eternal happiness

And only you can calm it down.

So I wait with a trembling heart for the consuming moment…

The one where you unite me with your soul,

The one when before bed I put my head on your chest

And on your warm heart.

Words can no longer be handcuffed and the poems flow between us

Giving birth to rain, stars, sunsets, color…

Everything becomes so small, insignificant.

Only our wings start to grow bigger.

And they keep on lifting us towards the sky, to the moon,

While we carry with us all the sun rays our love creates.

Yes, I am close to the Sun – I am close to You.


Let the Unexpected take over… at least once in your life

I had a small epiphany when I was in Annecy, France yesterday. The combination of perfect blue water (Lake Annecy has this mesmerizing blue color), beach (yup, there is an actual sandy beach by the lake), and sun (in the Alps, contrary of what you might think) have this magical way of inspiring me. And there is this French like romance in the air that makes you loose yourself into the blues and… simply dream. So, I was thinking of how I’ve had my share of loves, dissapointments, amazing moments and less great ones. I have made mistakes but also made people happy. The circle of… love life, I guess, what can I say? 🙂 But what I’ve discovered is that the best kind of love is the unexpected one. You don’t just pick someone and hope it works out. No, this is different. You meet by chance, and there’s an instant connection and the chemistry between you is way above your head – there’s nothing you can do about it. And you just talk and notice the way their lips curve when they smile or the color of their eyes and all at once you know you’re either lucky or screwed. Or at least, that’s what I’ve learned in the last 30 years. 

So cherish it if it happens to you for as long as it lasts. It doesn’t have to be forever because all that matters is that you live it, feel it to the fullest. Let go of the rules, of what you think it is expected from you… just let it take over you. You will always regret the things you did not do, more than the things you’ve done. And… from what I’ve seen, despite what most people think, life can bless you more than once with this kind of love. You just have to surrender to it, not fight it. Act hopeless, and let it be magical. Never Settle until you feel that! It’s just an advice from a unicornian optimistic over the top romantic person that I am :). If you love yourself as you should, you owe it to yourself against all odds! 

Open Letter to the Man who will Love her next

I remained deeply touched and speechless when I received this morning in my inbox these beautiful lines. It may be one of the most beautiful love letters I was addressed that weirdly enough completely describes me… He said he ran into it, by chance, as he ran into me… unexpectedly, and somehow as the words of this letter all fall into place describing me, so did we, after our first encounter…. #HlunaS

She is unique. A rare woman, a breed of freedom of her own. There is no one else like her, a free spirit in her heart she is. Don’t be surprised about how quickly you fall for her, and don’t be apprehensive about allowing yourself to fall. She won’t catch you, but rather take the plunge with you, holding nothing back.

She values love in its entirety and believes in it fully. Even if you don’t, she’ll teach you too. She believes in fairy tales and happily ever after. Make her your queen and your life will suddenly be made simple. She loves flowers, but doesn’t like red roses. But if she had a choice, she’d rather have chocolates to share with you. She believes in chivalry and holding open doors. While she will always offer to pay and even sometimes insist, don’t let her.
Spoil her. Because she’ll spoil you more.
Love her. Because she’ll love you deeper.
Give her your best. Because she will make you better.
She’ll make you the man you want to be. She’ll make you want to be someone worthy of standing next to her.
She doesn’t see her beauty. She sees only the beauty of others and of nature all around her. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop reminding her of how beautiful you think she is. She’s constantly looking at others, and looking to see what she can do for them. She listens with a keen understanding, even to the things you aren’t saying. And even when you first met, she was probably taking mental notes of your favorite things, thinking about a birthday or holiday, even if it’s far away. She’ll out do you every time with gifts. She’ll surprise you with things, you’ll wonder why she’s doing this, and she’ll reply with a little smile, “just because I can.” This is part of who she is, the loving nature that Life has molded and shaped for her to be.
Some hearts like hers, are just programmed to love. They are so rare to find in this world that she lives in.
She’s not afraid of saying things, doing things. She’s very blunt. That means she gonna catch you off guard a few times, just go with it. She loves exploring, broadening her horizon, learning everything she can and experiencing and seeing all that is allowed to be revealed to her. I’ll admit she’s a little weird. But a good kind of weird, that will make you laugh. Because she doesn’t even know she’s funny sometimes. She only wants to see you happy, to smile. She kind of lives in her own world sometimes, but if you are lucky she’ll let you be a part of it. She’s fun. Like a child she has the ability to turn anything into a game or a competition, but she’s also, unbelievably quick witted, intelligent, and will never make or provide a dull moment to your life. She simply loves life. And enjoys every moment for the blessing and gift that life is.
Among the many other things you’ll come to love about her, is how goal oriented she is. She never stops. She constantly is going from one thing to the next, and somehow appeasing everyone, even if it’s at the cost of her well being. She’ll do anything for anyone and she never says no. Don’t take advantage of that. But sometimes even she needs someone to slow her down just to enjoy life a little. Enjoy the time with her when it is just you guys. She adores those moments of just the quality time. It is her way of saying, here I am and this is where I want to be precisely — with you.
Fair warning she makes cooking an art, and loves to experiment to the pleasing of the palette; like a painter adding a bit of this and a tad of that. However, the kitchen can resemble a disaster cyclone hitting when she is done. But that’s only a few of her flaws, if you consider that one. She will always clean it up; for she likes a tidy and comfy home. Also don’t introduce her to your mother, unless you are gonna keep her around. You’re mother will never forgive you, if you mess it up. Trust me. She is a keeper, and will make you one of the most happiest man alive.
As carefree and loving as she is, there are parts of her life that aren’t as perfect. In due time, she’ll tell you every secret. She’ll tell you exactly why she is the person she is. When she tells you her deepest secrets, I promise you’ll love her more. Hold her, and don’t let her go. Among the things I love most about her, is her strength. She has the ability to get through some of the hardest things that life throws her way. I forged her in my light and my fire.
I’ll let you have her. But just know, the moment you mess up, someone else will be there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. For I will insure that she will never look back. She is part of me, and follows me endlessly; for the unconditional love that I have bestowed upon her. I only wish for her, her ultimate peace and happiness.
Girls like her are unbelievably hard to find once in a lifetime, let alone twice.
Trust me when I say this, the greatest regret you may experience or have in life, is the one of letting her go. Or being unfaithful to her. She truly is a one of a kind, very rare to find.

Communication, effort & understanding


In order for a relationship or any bond to work successfully it needs communication, effort, and understanding. You have to know how to meet somebody half way and compromise. My way or the highway is the lonely way.

Don’t ever get so comfortable that you start allowing what’s convenient to replace putting forth effort. Taking the “when it happens, it happens” approach can really disappoint you when “it” never happens how you wanted it too. If your heart wants a successful love in the future then you have to leave your pride in the past. Don’t cheat the progress of your relationships now based on what failed before. Don’t get so hung up on what failed in previous situations that you can’t see what’s working in your current situation.

If you want somebody’s time, love, or attention you’re going to be required to earn it and prove that you deserve to keep it. Different doesn’t always mean better, but if you never try something new, you’ll always have the same old complaints.

COMMUNICATE when you have problems and put effort forth to solving them.

UNDERSTAND that everybody shows the way they care in their own unique way.

ACCEPT that what you’re used to may be different from what they know how to do.

Everybody communicates and responds to problems differently, so don’t automatically assume you’re on or off the same page. Talk things out and deal with the situation at hand. And you shouldn’t have to bring up the past to prove a point – this is for example one part I am bad at, but trying to control! People will make mistakes and they will make bad decisions. You just have to decide what you can and cannot deal with.

If you don’t want to communicate, then you’ll welcome assumptions. If you don’t put in effort, then you’ll welcome distractions. If you’re not understanding, then you’ll welcome unnecessary frustrations.

Focus on what’s important, solve problems when they’re relevant, don’t dwell, and move on with love without holding back. 🙂

“Live like there’s no tomorrow” – The cliche I like to follow


Find that something that you love and let it drain you out of energy and life… This is the thought I woke up to today.

And what I love the most is living life to the fullest and with crazy intensity. I love taking my liveliness to extremes, challenging the energy, the emotions or the sensations my heart, body and soul can feel.

Living, loving, laughing, travelling, working without passion means sailing on plain water or eating chocolate and not feeling its taste. I do not get their purpose…

The deep feelings we can have, the adrenaline, the pain we sometimes feel, the happiness the smallest and simplest things should give us, the risks we take and living on the edge are what gives one the greatest satisfaction because they make one’s heart pop for real!


I realized this year that even when your heart breaks, that pain you feel… That’s life, truly living. The confusion and fear? That’s there to remind you, that you are alive, you are human, and if you channel it right, it gives strength and hope to believe that somewhere out there is something better, and that something is worth fighting for because it will make you tick again, feel alive, give you a new sensation that you have probably not experienced before.

Life should be lived with intensity, every day, like there is no tomorrow as really there is actually no tomorrow for the exact moment you are in right now, you will never live it again, it’s unique. In my vocabulary, there is no such thing as monotony or routine only if you think it is and place it there intentionally with your mind. Every moment, every second of your life is unique, so try to see, feel and  make the most of it. I could not picture my life otherwise! And mine has been a hell of a rollercoaster in terms of happenings, emotions, feelings, people, luck, and honestly I could not have had it any other way! 🙂



About a whimsical spirit…


I am a dreamer, a fool, a perfectionist, a fashion lover, a lively spirit, a trouble maker some called me, but it all comes down to the fact that I love life, people, the feelings I am given to feel, and I adore constantly discovering the world and myself.

I am a Romanian, with an international touch and a too optimistic mind some may say. I see the good and the positive in whatever life sets in front of me, because I believe strongly that every situation, in a way, makes one feel they are alive, teaches them, shapes them, strengthens them and makes one realize they actually live, not just exist.

I left my quiet little home town in Transylvania, north of Romania, at 19… and it’s been a long way since, an exciting ride, a pleasant  madness in which I lived to the fullest the big city life, met a lot of interesting people from which I learned a lot or which became friends close to my heart, discovered new places and experiences, fell in love, and found my passion for art and fashion.

Every city I lived in taught me something about myself, and shaped who I am today. I am grateful for Budapest teaching me the love for architecture and culture, I love Milan for the fashion sense, style and courage it gave me, Los Angeles for teaching me about living life to the fullest and always staying positive no matter how many lemons life gives one, and I am grateful for Bucharest showing me how real friendship and love feel like, and for the most amazing nightlife memories challenging my liveliness and energy all the way.

Here I stand today, a bit melancholic I have to admit, but excited nonetheless, in front of another adventure, for one year, moving from the madness that Bucharest offered me to Lausanne, a quiet picturesque town, by the lake, close to the Alps, that will surely leave its footprint on my life and personality.

I was asked many times to start writing again, as I used to when I was in high school. Well, this is it, this blog, comprising of all my thoughts and experiences for one year ahead.

I will talk here about culture, art, new places I see, food I discover and last, but not least, fashion, my love.

So here goes, from the uptown big city life sparkle spirit to the world, I hope you will enjoy…