About “time passing” – my vision of living

I tried to understand these days why “passing of time” is seen in such a fatalistic manner. Everybody freaks out in relation to time and you often hear “I don’t have time to do that…I wish I would have time…” and so on.


In principle, I managed to find two reasons for this kind of thinking: first reason could be one’s life is running out fast due to the hectic daily routine living, and it feels like one did not have time to do it all in his life, all he ever wanted to and planned to, so the frustration comes in; and the second reason, the actual sadly more recurrent one would be that one did not manage to do the things he/she was supposed to do in the desired time according to the “time rules” of its culture and society, according to the human invented structures (career, school, marriage, kids and so on) that put a ridiculous pressure on the person on a daily basis and have no connection with the actual real living, only feeding one’s mind and soul with frustration and an unconscious stress to fit in this timing, so that it could fit in the society. Here are some examples that you might find familiar: “Up to X years I must marry”, “Up to X years I must have a baby”, “After college I must go to Masters right away cause this is how it goes”, “It is too late to go to university anymore because I am X years old”, and so on. It’s a pity and sad how one can reduce life to a constant run after society’s timings, like passing milestones at each step and age, an existential rush that all it does is to cancel the feel of intense and real living. It’s like going towards the finish line, without enjoying the ride, so when you get there of course you end up with a bunch of regrets, frustrations and “what ifs”.

The reality is that life is wasted if lived in terms of “units of measurement” (time, money etc). It is treated superficially and reduced to something of low importance and routinized while it should give sensations and intensities to a person. Moreover, time is relative, and this is proven scientifically: It is fairly established that both fast movement and the presence of gravity makes time pass slower as compared to a system at rest/ free of gravity, where you waste time at a fast rate. The more intense you live your life, the more time you actually have in relation to the Universe – which is a pretty cool thing and should be seen as the answer to thinking we are running out of time. We are running out of time if we satisfy ourselves with the routine and stagnate from an actual living point of view. We gain time, if we live intensively and actively according to our inner sensations. Scientifically proven, believe me – just Google it :).


I like to think of life as an opportunity to gain and feel experiences at every pace involving new feelings, emotions, people, places, visions. It is a beautiful learning process about the world around us and inside of us. We can learn to ignore time as it is perceived by the society as a pressure, a constant deadline. We should live every experience to the fullest, whenever we feel like or want according to our inner pace of doing things, not according to society’s temporal patterns. You must truly believe that it’s never late to do anything you wanted to and it is never wrong to do things when you want to or feel like. You are after all the designer of your own living! Be bold and be creative about it! 🙂


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